# ROOMS CLEANED IN 1 HOUR # MEALS COOKED IN 1 HOUR Jacob 2 4 William 3 9 What is the minimum William would need to receive from Jacob to be willing to cook another meal? a) 1/3 of a clean room b) 1/2 of a clean room c) 2 clean rooms d) 3 clean rooms

Accepted Solution

Answer:a) 1/3 of a clean roomStep-by-step explanation:First at all, we need to calculate how much takes Jacob cleaning a room.So we divide 1 hour by 2 rooms1 hour = 60 minand [tex]\frac{60min}{2 rooms} Β = Β 30 min/room[/tex]Now, we must to know how much takes William to cook a meal:In 60 minutes William cooks 9 mealsso we have:[tex]\frac{60min}(9 meals} = 6 \frac{2}{3} minutes/meal \\[/tex]that means William spends 6 minutes and 40 sec cooking a meal.\Now we can solve: In 6 minutes and 40 sec, how many rooms can Jacob clean?We know Jacob spend 30 minutes cleaning a room so in 10 minutes or 1/3 of a clean room Williams had already cooked another meal. Thus, the closest answer is a)1/3 of a clean room.